Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I'm trying here....

On Saturday,  Stephen and I headed to Plano for the Fire Fly Run.  This was a nighttime race benefiting Dallas Children's.  WOW!  There were so many people.  It was a good thing I had all of the below!
 Stephen doesn't really enjoy running like I do...so this picture means the world to me.  I LOVE...I mean LOVE it when he runs in races with me.  Now if I can just convince him to do the next 1/2 Marathon with me;)!

Sunday was our 5th Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Gabby's and Poppy's...we always joke that we have to keep "big events" a secret from Addilyn because she ends up sick.  Well Sunday was no different:(...we celebrated my grandmother's birthday at lunch and before lunch was over Addilyn was complaining that her ear was hurting.  Her daddy took her home and after a 4 hour nap...she seemed better.  BUT she missed the Egg Hunt.  Poor Baby!

 Keatyn however, did the hunting for both of them.  She scored big;)!  
She was determined to find that prize egg and that she did.  And I promise you that she did it on her own...well at least I didn't help...I'm not sure I can speak for her Gabby!;)