Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I'm trying here....

On Saturday,  Stephen and I headed to Plano for the Fire Fly Run.  This was a nighttime race benefiting Dallas Children's.  WOW!  There were so many people.  It was a good thing I had all of the below!
 Stephen doesn't really enjoy running like I do...so this picture means the world to me.  I LOVE...I mean LOVE it when he runs in races with me.  Now if I can just convince him to do the next 1/2 Marathon with me;)!

Sunday was our 5th Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Gabby's and Poppy's...we always joke that we have to keep "big events" a secret from Addilyn because she ends up sick.  Well Sunday was no different:(...we celebrated my grandmother's birthday at lunch and before lunch was over Addilyn was complaining that her ear was hurting.  Her daddy took her home and after a 4 hour nap...she seemed better.  BUT she missed the Egg Hunt.  Poor Baby!

 Keatyn however, did the hunting for both of them.  She scored big;)!  
She was determined to find that prize egg and that she did.  And I promise you that she did it on her own...well at least I didn't help...I'm not sure I can speak for her Gabby!;)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Seriously behind...I'm horrible at this!

After our 1/2 marathon in November we took a break and I decided it was time to include the whole family in my joy of running.  Stephen and I ran the Turkey Trot together and then went back for the girls about mile 2.  It was so fun to see my whole family participating and actually enjoying themselves!

 I took the girls to see The Nutcracker at TJC.  It was a neat experience, but one that might could have waited a few years.  Keatyn's response to it was that there was no talking...only dancing!  
 Of course December brought many things and one of them was The Lindale Christmas parade.  Addilyn and I rode on the float and waved to our family and friends as we rode by them.  
Stephen's birthday weekend was filled with none other than...A race!  He wasn't 100% thrilled about it but by the end I think he really did have a good time.  We participated in the White Rock Marathon and ran the relay with a team of 5.  It was cold, wet and rainy during most of our race.  We can put that one in the books:)! 
 We took Stephen to Shogun's for his birthday.  It was yummy (as always).  
 Keatyn's school party was a success! 
 We left that Sunday and took the girls to Dallas for a couple of days to celebrate Stephen's birthday some more and our Anniversary.  What a sweet time we had.  We stayed across from the Galleria and enjoyed taking a drive over to the Gaylord for ICE and also enjoyed some good eats:)!

 This was the Christmas Eve service at church.  We always enjoy this service because we get to have our whole family in the service with us.  This year Keatyn really began to understand the meaning and it was very precious to see her holding her candle and singing.  
 And Christmas morning didn't disappoint.  The girls begged for a puppy and Santa gave in.  He's a sweet little guy and has really brought joy and responsibility to the Bills' home.  
 What better way to bring in the New Year than with friends and a little REK.  We had so much fun listening to him at Bass Hall.  We were very impressed!!!!
Well, I know that was fast and furious but that at least catches me up on the high points and brings me into 2012.  We have big things coming...we are counting down 8 days until we take our trip to DISNEY!  We are beyond excited!!!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

13.1 complete....what's next????

We started in late August training for the DRC Half Marathon.  I was really excited that Kacy and I had some newbies;) joining us.  What a journey!
 The emotional finish...13.1 miles gives you a lot of time to think about where you've come from....
 This group of ladies is truly amazing.  We all had a little something to prove to ourselves...and that we did!
 Our shirts were lifesavers...there is something to hearing your name cheered as you run and run and run!

I am so very proud that we finished this one...and I got to give Katherine her medal! 

New Place...NO INTERNET...playing catchup!

We have been super busy with our move...Halloween snuck up on me...I mean nothing a little tulle and hot glue can't conquer but still...where did October go!!!!????
 I had big plans for the girls to be the Lion and the ScareCrow from the Wizard of Oz, but Keatyn had other plans...as you can see, she wanted to be a "Peacock Princess".  Thank you Pinterest and Etsy for your helpful tips!
 We also had 50's day at Keatyn's school and well, we don't do things "sort of";).  My mom whipped out poodle skirts for Keatyn and me and we managed to make Addilyn fit into Keatyn's old skirt!  We had so much fun!:)
And this picture is extra special.  My granddad has been very sick since July and so he was super excited to have bowls full of candy for his great-grandbabies.  We really could have stopped after this stop because they filled their buckets FULL of really good candy!  
Halloween is such a crazy time, but it is fun to see how excited the kids get about...CANDY;)!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

First days of school...

So far so good in 1st grade!  Hoping and praying for a fabulous year!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Round 2

This past week I began my training for another 1/2 marathon set for November 6th!  It has been nice to get back into running several days a week.  There is a group of us training and I'm really excited about that.  I had the opportunity to train in a group last year and that really seems to help me stay motivated and also makes the longer runs much easier to endure!  I'm looking forward to what this training has to offer and challenging myself once again!

Monday, August 22, 2011

A Date Night...

This past Saturday night we went out with our friends Brandon and Julie to a fundraising event for the Longview Museum of Fine Arts.  It was fun to get to dress up and go out on a date:)! 
 Besides weddings, we just don't get very many opportunities to "get fancy"!
 Stephen, me and Brandon...these two were a force!:)
We couldn't resist posing with a couple of the centerpieces!
And then the Hubs and me.  We had a blast...the event was quite humorous and we had lots of laughs!

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