Monday, April 21, 2008

Addilyn Sloan Bills

One proud daddy!
So sweet!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Going Backwards a bit...

Here are some things we did just before baby Addilyn arrived...

We played dress up...isn't she SASSY!!!
We cried a little bit...
We painted our toes pink in honor of Addilyn...mine are the swollen ones!

We said goodbye to our Oakland Heights friends...

One of Keaytn's "best boys"!
Hugs all around. She was so excited to see her school friends.
We had a busy two weeks before Addilyn arrived. We rested A LOT and mentally and practically prepared for Addilyn to arrive. However, we had no idea how she would change our lives and we wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A few more pics...more to come!

Our family, minus one.
I could just eat her!
Proud grandparents, minus Keatyn
are you seeing a pattern...she was a little
camera shy today!
Our little playmates.
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Just a few pics...more close ups to come!

Proud Daddy
Excited Gabby!
Keatyn was not so sure about this.
The funny thing about this is that Addilyn
looks just like him...will there ever be one
that looks like me.
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Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Secret Garden...

Not really, but where Stephen and my dad came up with the idea of creating a garden...I have no idea. On one of their trips in from Longview while moving, they got out of the truck and said they were going to grow a garden. Well, here are the beginning stages of it. Keatyn, of course, had to get her hands in the mix and so she got her rake and shovel, along with her Cinderella high heels and got out there and started to dig. I don't know how much help she was, but she sure was cute. She loved her ride on the lawn mower, except for the loud noise. The pictures are a little dark, but you get the drift! I hope the veggies are good and that we manage to get everything into the ground before it's too late.

Poppy and Keatyn on the lawn mower
High heels and a shovel...not sure how that works!

Working hard...Stephen now thinks he's a farmer!

Showers and Such

My shower in Lindale with family and friends.
My team at school...incredible ladies!

This was the CUTE cake from my school shower! (Thanks Lauren and Chesley!)

Well, a lot has taken place since my last blog and it was only a week ago. We got completely moved and closed on our house last weekend. That was a little stressful for Stephen, but he was incredible and is now getting in the groove. I am enjoying being at home these weeks before Addilyn arrives. Keatyn was going to go to school three days a week, and then we sort of reevaluated and realized that Stephen's schedule doesn't take him to Longview everyday, so it was adding a lot of driving time. Sooooo Keatyn is officially back home with me. I have really enjoyed our time together and she seems to be enjoying it too. Katherine and I have been busy running errands, going to Dr. visits, visiting Lindale MOPS and just being moms. I have to say that having her around has really helped me stay sane in these past few days.

Before I left work last Thursday, they threw me a baby shower. I am so grateful for such an incredible campus. I was completely blessed by the gifts and the people who came to celebrate Addilyn. It was bitter sweet to be put on "bed rest" early because I love my team and my colleagues. I miss them, but I am truly enjoying my time at home.