Monday, August 29, 2011

Round 2

This past week I began my training for another 1/2 marathon set for November 6th!  It has been nice to get back into running several days a week.  There is a group of us training and I'm really excited about that.  I had the opportunity to train in a group last year and that really seems to help me stay motivated and also makes the longer runs much easier to endure!  I'm looking forward to what this training has to offer and challenging myself once again!

Monday, August 22, 2011

A Date Night...

This past Saturday night we went out with our friends Brandon and Julie to a fundraising event for the Longview Museum of Fine Arts.  It was fun to get to dress up and go out on a date:)! 
 Besides weddings, we just don't get very many opportunities to "get fancy"!
 Stephen, me and Brandon...these two were a force!:)
We couldn't resist posing with a couple of the centerpieces!
And then the Hubs and me.  We had a blast...the event was quite humorous and we had lots of laughs!

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

And so it begins....

Here is Keatyn and one of her sweet friends, Barrett at Meet the Eagles!  She thinks he is the coolest because he has a bow and arrow and her taught her how to use it;)!
We are so excited to start 1st grade.  Meet the Teacher was on Thursday night and we were a little ahead of the game because we've known Wendi Hicks forever...SHE'S Family!  Keatyn could not be more excited to have Mrs. Hicks AND... be right across the hallway from KK!  What an exciting year it is going to be?!?  So many new things happening!  Addilyn was very excited about "cheer" season starting!
 Along with a new school year comes Football Season and cheering on the boys!  Maddox and Keatyn performed at Meet the Eagles on the field with the HS Cheerleaders.  They were oh so cute!
Fun times were had by all!!!!  And believe it or not, there was even a breeze:)!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A little Warm-up running...

What better to do before a run on the beach then enjoy a yummy milkshake...just kidding that's a horrible idea!  However, we had these early in the day so as to not see them again later;)!  They were so yummy. Kacy and Kara had found this cute soda shop on the Strand in Galveston and we didn't just visit it once!!!!

 Oh the submarine...I wasn't a huge fan.  It was so HOT in there!  This picture expresses how I truly felt about it!
 And EVERY race needs a pre-race stretch...or an 80s workout video pose!
 WE survived running a 5k on the beach in the dark wearing headlamps!  It was really a lot of fun!
Me and Kacy post-race!  So fun to have a running buddy who keeps me motivated:)!
I was pretty pumped to have placed 6th out of 60 in my age division!

This was a great way to kick off our 1/2 marathon training for the Fall!!!!  Now if we could just have some cooler weather to run in PLEASE!!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sleepovers MIGHT be overrated for mom...sigh...

I'll let the pictures speak first...

The time has arrived in Keatyn's little world for sleepovers...however, I'm not sure if my sanity was quite ready for it.  I admit that I'm neat and tidy on my own time, but the way my children, mainly Keatyn, play drives me BONKERS!!!!!  Girls have lots of fun things to play with...but in that fun there are little dress-up earrings, barbie shoes, dolls, etc!  If I can just teach them to put away before dragging out the next...this will be a fun time!!!!!