Wednesday, May 28, 2008


This was the recovery needed after the long weekend. Isn't she the sweetest. She is getting so big!

She is 6 weeks today!

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a fabulous holiday weekend. Stephen took off on Friday to hang out as a family. It was fun. We basically just hung out and we were extremely lazy. The highlight of Friday was a family "date" night to Walmart. No, don't laugh...that was it! It was fun though.
Saturday is when the craziness began...we went to Longview to hang out with some friends. They have kiddos Keatyn's age and so needless to say, she had a blast swimming. Then my cousin had a pool party that afternoon, so we came back to Lindale for that. Addilyn was a jewel and just went along with the flow. She was so tired by the end of the day that we retired early on Saturday night. Stephen went to watch the fights at a friend's house and the girls and I went to bed. Sunday was another full day of church, a birthday party and then a cookout with some church friends. Again, Addilyn was in tow and she did good. Monday was very relaxed and we cooked out a feast for just my parents, us and a friend and her boys. We pulled out the blow up pool and slide for the kids. All in all, the weekend was great. I was actually ready for Tuesday so that I could recover! I hope your memorial day was memorable!

Keatyn and her friend Brendan
Brendan, Demi and Keatyn enjoying LUNCH!
Keatyn LOVES the water...we already miss our pool!
This was Addilyn's position all weekend! Such the trooper!
The birthday party with horse rides on Coco! Keatyn now wants a horse. Are you kidding me?

Monday, May 19, 2008

Picture Post

I am really behind on posting pictures, so this one is pictures only...
A trip to the Art Festival in Clarksville. Downtown Clarksville on the Square
Our little Super Hero...who needed a NAP!!!
I love this picture, because I didn't realize Stephen was taking it.
Matching outfits...Addilyn is as big as Dryver, maybe bigger! mad!
Her first bath...she only sort of loved it.
Who knows...she loves shoes and never her own.
Puppy love..stray dog, of course she wants to keep it.
So sweet...this is the first time it was actually Keatyn's idea to hold her for a photo.
Addilyn was 1 month old last Friday. It's hard to believe!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!!

One of the sweetest moments is when you hear your children say things when no else seems to be around. Yesterday was Mother's Day and I got so many things that I had wished for...
**I got to sleep in a little bit...
**As I walked down the stairs, Keatyn said to me "Happy Mother's Day, I love you!"
**I woke up to my two beautiful daughters and my amazing husband taking care of them.
**I took a long shower.
**An amazing lunch was prepared, served and cleaned up by the men in our house.
**A ring with my daughters names engraved on it.
**A necklace to put my daughters picture in to show them off to the world.
**A nap!
**Going to bed with my amazing husband by my side telling me how wonderful he thinks I am!
Can a wife and mom ask for any more?
Here are some of those pictures that make being a mom so great!!

I hope that you moms out there were told how great you are!!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Trying to keep up...

Well, I know it has been way to long since my last post. It is really hard to keep up with two little ones. I am really trying. Things are good with us. We now have a two week old. She is amazing. Keatyn seems to be doing pretty good. However, last night the first signs of jealousy did peak out. Stephen was holding Addilyn and Keatyn wanted to be held. The next thing we know, Keatyn bit Addilyn's hand. Poor things...Addilyn was hurting from the bite and Keatyn knew she had messed up. I am actually a little shocked that it hasn't happened before now. Anyway, we are taking each day in stride and using every opportunity to play with Keatyn. We still don't have a house, but Stephen is working on the plan. I've posted a few pictures of some things that have been going on in the last two weeks. Not a lot of pictures, but Addilyn is staying awake a little bit more these days, so maybe I can get more pictures of the two of them and maybe get my announcement done!