Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Homecoming and the Spirit Store

So here we are at our "Spirit Store". Right now we are sort of makeshift, but the booster club has big plans for us. No matter what, we are enjoying the business and what it allows us to do.
Keatyn Corely in her cute little cheerleader out fit. She wears this to the football games.
Getting her mum pinned on for homecoming. She was so excited about this. Thanks Nadia for adding some pink and bling!!!!
I'm not sure about this smile...it looks a little forced. I wasn't there for the photo shoot, so this is what you get. And I am SOOOOO sad to say that we don't have any pictures of Addilyn from homecoming. Next home game she'll be in her get up again and I'll take some pictures. Just know that she was stinkin' cute!
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Monday, September 29, 2008


Ok, so we have been so stinkin' busy that I haven't had time to blog...I'm serious. Our business has really taken off and we are so PUMPED!!! I wanted to give you a few updates on the Bills:
*Addilyn got her first tooth last week.
*Addilyn is getting another tooth this week!
*Keatyn LOVES her dance class and shows us by putting her hands above her head and twirling around.
*We are considering buying another machine for our embroidery business because we have so much business coming in...this is huge, because when we bought our first machine, we were into doing burp cloths and bibs...we've come a LONG way baby!
*We have house plans, but can't make up our mind if it's the right time to jump into building a house. (more details to come)
*Addilyn is 5 1/2 months old and is truly the happiest baby on the block!

This is just a small update to let you in on our little life. I've got some great pictures to post, but I have to post about our living details before I post any more pictures.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A few new pictures...ok a lot of new pictures!

We went for a little drive to "check out" the land.
Our flower princess
Her Daddy...still.
An attempt to take a picture with Keatyn...
Dinner with daddy!!!!
The sweetest of times...I love these girls.
Ok, so you know you live in the sticks when you load up your kids, no car seats, only a diaper in your beat up Chevy truck that you had to air up the tire before you could go. And if you'll notice, Keatyn has a Koolaid stain on her mouth. Fun Times!!! Boarder line...WT!
Have a Terrific Thursday!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

We did it...

Well, I am sad to report that I have no picture of our AWESOME Spirit Store from Friday night. It was in my plans to post a picture of the three of us with our display, but it was crazy and I forgot to take my camera. However, I am happy to report that we did really well. We didn't sell out of everything, but we sold out of some things. We won't make 6 figures this year, but we will be able to contribute monetarily to our families. We are thrilled. I am really working to get more pictures on our Stitches and Threads blog so that you can see what we are doing. There have been some of you who have asked how to get some of our things or have something monogrammed...you can email us at StitchesandThreads@gmail.com and we'll work with you.

I hope to have pictures for my next update. Hope all is well and I hope everyone has dried out from IKE!!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's Official!!!!

We are a real business!!! Not that we weren't before, but we joined the Lindale Area Chamber of Commerce. We are so excited. This is really the first time that we have done any sort of "advertising". This Friday (tomorrow) we are opening a "Spirit Store" at the football game. We have partnered with our local booster club. A portion of our proceeds will benefit Lindale Athletics. As former athletes we were completely on board with this and it is yet again, exposure! We have worked ourselves around the clock to get our jobs finished and hopefully, if IKE doesn't wash us away, we'll be successful tomorrow night.

If you want to see some of the things that we are doing, you can link to our blog from here. Stitches and Threads!!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Quiet Time...

Does it exist anymore...? This morning I took Keatyn to dayschool at FBC, which she LOVES. She is going to be my gal that loves the social life...I'm afraid. I was that way and I know what it sometimes got me...that's another blog though! Anyway, I ran my errands with Addilyn in tow and then came home put her down for her nap and came downstairs. There was a weird sound...wait, there was only the sound of the icemaker on the refridgerator and the a/c clicking on. Yes, folks, I am sitting in complete silence. Silence is something that I don't get much these days...it's either the chatter of my children, the stitching of our embroidery machine, or the noise that comes with living with two young children, a husband and two other grown adults. I appreciate every aspect of my life in this season, so I'm not saying these things as a complaint by any means, I am just realizing as I sit here with my homemade sandwich, hot pickles and my blog, that these moments of silence are rare. I am appreciating that I have ears to hear the noises around me everyday and that I have been blessed with all those things in my life. I am appreciating that my daughter loves school and that my infant is a great sleeper and a really happy baby. I am appreciating that in this season in my life I am sitting at my parents' kitchen table(LOL!) for lunch because I am staying at home. That is what this blog is truly about. Silence is golden, but I hope that I can always stop to appreciate the noise when a time of silence and reflection falls upon me.

a short prayer...Thank you Lord for this season in my life and thank you that I have had seasons that were different than this one so that today I can appreciate TODAY!

stopping to think and ponder...Beth