Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Alive and Well

Christmas was fun and busy. Keatyn had a party at school. These are two of her very dear friends. I can only hope these three will be friends for a long time.
I took the girls to the library to hear a fancy Nancy book...then they decorated Fancy trees and had animal crackers and hot cocoa. It was so fun.
Here is Addilyn enjoying the Lindale Christmas Parade. It was VERY cold on this morning.
We also took Keatyn in for her very first dentist appointment...I wasn't sure how she would do, because she isn't always the calmest thing at the dr's office, but I am proud to say she was a champ! The dentist said her teeth looked great and she had NO cavities. I was relieved!

The next few pictures are a bit of catch up and some additions...
Keatyn has two very sweet and dear friends at preschool. I am looking forward to her school years because of these two little girls.
Keatyn and Addilyn had the cutest little turkey shirts with their initials on them. Our friend Courtney (from SFA) made them! We absolutely LOVED them!!!!
She danced in front of a crowd at the OctoberFest. She's a natural!
The girls loved the pumpkin patch...just a few more pictures from this event.
Trying to get both of them to look at the camera is quite the challenge. But they are sweet either way!

I have Christmas pictures coming...I really am going to work on managing my blog...our lives with these girls is to sweet not to share!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October Happenings...

Our trip to Arkansas became quite the celebrity search! We got to meet Michelle Duggar!!!! She was so incredibly normal! And so nice!
I tried not to act star struck and not make a huge scene. These girls were so gracious and talked to us about being really close to home. I heart the Duggars!!!!

Here is a picture from the Boo Bash/Monster Mash we had last weekend. Stephen and I were Prom King and Queen. I worked that updo!!!! Stephen didn't love his crown like I did!

We participated in the October Fest Parade and festivities. This is one of my favorite things all year!
Stephen took the girls to the zoo while I was away at a conference. What a great dad!!!
This was one of the pictures from Homecoming. I really do love a good Homecoming!!!!
Katherine and I took the girls to the Circus. Actually very entertaining. The girls loved it!
I am gearing up for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We have had such an incredibly eventful Fall!!! I truly love this time of year and the chill in the air makes it so great!!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Please...don't throw stones...

Please don't be upset that the last thing I posted was about my birthday and NYC trip back in July. We really have been extremely busy. I know that this is no excuse, but you know how it is...when life gets busy, some things suffer. And as you also know...it's my blog that does.

Just to update you, we have been busy with our "Spirit Store", school starting, October Fest and of course the start of my favorite time of year...FALL!!!!
We took the girls to the Pumpkin Patch in Canton and had a great time.

Keatyn enjoyed the pony rides!
Addilyn just enjoyed her independence!
She's just so stinkin' cute!
My sweet little Family.
A picture right before the Homecoming Peprally...I love a good small town Homecoming! Mums and all!
My sweet girls! We had been so busy since the beginning of August that I had not had any time to make the girls a Halloween shirt...so I called my mom and begged for her to embroider the girls a cute shirt...the night before. Of course she did it...that's what mom's do...bail out their daughters! The shirts said "Bootiful" with some jewels! They were a hit!

Stay tuned! We just returned from our Annual Arkansas/War Eagle trip and we met some pretty incredible people!

Monday, July 27, 2009

JayZ was definitely RIGHT!!!!

He was...really...30 is the new 20! I mean really, I feel like a million bucks...well that is until I got home from the final festivity of my 30th birthday...sick for almost a week. I'm over it now though. On to the good stuff...and there will be more to come...as soon as I can round up the pictures from my party. (if you just can't wait, see the Kraus Family blog on the list to the right and she posted some fun pictures from the AMAZING surprise party that Stephen threw for me!)

Rockefellar Center (I think that is how you spell it.)

This was right outside of our hotel. We were seriously in shock in this picture...We had just arrived and we were headed out to start our afternoon. So OVERWHELMED!!! But so much fun!
This was on my actualy birthday...Mom and Katherine surprised me with a day filled with fun. We went to Dallas Summer Musical "A Chorus Line". I LOVE musicals...love them!

We had sushi at Blue Fish for lunch! YUMMY! And a little Pomegranite Martini!

And this was breakfast in bed. LOVED IT! And so did the girls. All I could do was cry. I was so overwhelmed with how blessed I've been in the last ten years of my life. Not that the 20 before that weren't filled with many a blessing, but in my adult life, I have so much to be thankful for and really...no REGRETS!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A little more of summer....

We took a trip to Dallas with my parents and the kiddos...of course Keatyn would want to ride the bumper boats and of course you have to let her shoot you!
We spent the 4th with friends and family. This is our blanket at the lake just before we watched fireworks! They were so good!
Oh Dryver...what a ham!
Keatyn really enjoyed the beach at the lake. Who knew she could have so much fun with sand!

Unfortunately we've decided that we can no longer tell Addilyn that it is a holiday weekend. She has gotten sick the last three holidays we have tried to celebrate...so for future reference...please don't tell her! It's a secret!!!!!

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Oh for the LOVE.....

Seriously, why can't I keep up with this thing....well, my computer died...no really it did. I had to take it to the doctor and that took a good week and then I had to find my USB cord (AGAIN!) and download pictures and well....well...the rest are just excuses...
But wait no longer...here are a few pictures from the beginning of the summer.

Keatyn, sweet Keatyn took dance for the first time this last year and at the very end of May she had her first recital. Ok, so I wasn't prepared for it's length, but we pushed through every last song until the finale. It was worth it. She did great and was very entertaining. We can hardly wait to start back in the fall!
She was so excited when she came back into the audience and received flowers. She absolutely loved that part!
In June, we dedicated both of our girls. What a neat experience! Dryver was also dedicated that Sunday so it made it extra special!
And what would summer be without a trip to the local waterpark? This was a fun time for all! Both of the girls enjoyed themselves and we had a fun time with friends.
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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

More to look at...

Sweet Addilyn in her lawn chair...her bottled water...a little diva indeed!

But everyone needs a little relaxation...worn out!
Keatyn ended her school year with a sweet program at FBC.
She was so cute...they all were! Always entertaining at this age!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Catching up!

To my faithful readers...I sincerely apologize!!!!!
I have officially been HORRIBLE about keeping up with my blog.  I'm not sure why because I love reading everyone elses and I have some really fun pictures to update.  Summer has officially started for our little household, so maybe I'll have a few free mornings to do my blogging each week.
We have had a lot going on in May...in fact, I'll have to post twice.  I promise I'll do it close together...I promise!

We went to the Kenny Chesney concert in Shreveport and had a ball!  The Lays' took their Winnebego (who knows if i spelled that right) and so we got to ride comfortably to Shreveport, set up camp and the men cooked an amazing dinner before the concert...actually the men cleaned up the mess too.  Thanks guys!!!!  It quickly became what I like call "Ladies Night"!!!!
Memorial Day weekend, we were supposed to make a trip to Waco, but Addilyn got a horrible skin rash that has circulated through the entire town I think...luckily she is doing better at this point and life is back to normal...BUT because our little plans were changed, we had to make the most of it.  We took a little trip to Lowes to buy all the necessary items to make for a day in the yard.  The girls were thrilled...actually Keatyn really was because she got to pick out PINK flowers.  That makes any trip to Lowes fun!
On Saturday, the Lays' had their annual Memorial Day bash, so I took Keatyn so she could hang out with her friends.  Stephen stayed at home with Addilyn who was still on lockdown!  Poor thing.  The whole weekend was filled with one of us being with her at home.  But don't think that stopped us from having a good weekend.  We are so excited to reschedule our trip to Waco!!!!
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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

One year!!!

I know I've already posted pictures from her "party". But I couldn't resist her birthday and one year later. She is still super long, still have super long toes and fingers, still doesn't eat good, and is still a great sleeper!!!! And she is oh so sweet and entertaining...we have our handsful with two little sweethearts of ours!!! We are blessed by this precious little one!Amazing what one year does! We love these girls more than life itself! We thank the good Lord everyday for allowing us to care for them during our time here on this earth!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Some pictures from Addilyn's birthday!

A little fuzzy, but what cuties!
We couldn't get Addilyn too look! Thanks mom for the awesome cake!


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