Sunday, March 16, 2008

A fun and busy weekend...

We had a fun and busy weekend. We are quickly approaching the closing date for our house and the arrival of baby Addilyn. We have two weekends left to move things to our storage building and get our new space ready for move in. Here are a few pictures of how this weekend went!
In preparation for the move, Stephen, Justin, my dad and mom all worked to get "our room" ready for us to move in. We moved around furniture and decided on the best possible set up for us. We decided to put Addilyn's furniture in the room with us and put Keatyn across the hall. We have two weeks to finish packing and get things moved to my parents' house. Again, I am NO HELP at all, but Stephen has truly been a trooper!
35 weeks and counting!!! I have about 4 weeks left. I am really feeling the woes of pregnancy...but only at night. My feet stay swollen and by the time I hit the bed, I just can't do one more thing.
We enjoyed a family and friends egg hunt at my parents' house. Keatyn was serious about hunting eggs this year. It was really a lot of fun.

Saturday some friends threw me a shower in Longview. We had a great time of visiting and EATING. The food was so yummy!!!! Addilyn is already being taken care of. I am so blessed to have these gals in my life.


Jeremy Rhodes said...

may I say that you look absolutely beautiful, and there is no way I would ever believe that you are 35 weeks along if you hadn't said so. 28 weeks at most.