Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Addilyn is 2 months old!!!

Keatyn loves her baby sis!
Addilyn is smiling and "talking"!
I know, you don't have to say it...she looks just like her daddy.
Aren't they cute!

We celebrated month number 2 with a dip in the pool. It was tons of fun!
Addilyn is a jewel. Keatyn adores her, as do we. She is a sleeper, an eater (can't you see it in her cheeks?) and she is really pretty laid back. She's been sleeping soundly through the night since week 5 and really only cries when she needs something. She is very pleasant and makes life with two, so enjoyable. Keatyn is a big helper and has really done well with adjusting to being a big sister and not being the baby anymore.

Addilyn's milestones:

eats 5 ounces at a feeding (little porker)

smiles in response to us

coos and really tries hard to talk to us

can roll to her side

sleeps really good

a great swimmer (not really, but they don't do a whole heck of a lot at 2 months, so I needed something else to write)

She is a blessing!


One of them Youngs... said...

So cute Beth! I love the little swimsuits!!!

The Minter's said...

She's adorable!!

Becky said...

TWO MONTHS?? Where has the time gone?? She is just so precious, Beth. You ARE so blessed.