Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Goings on...

Sweet Addilyn Sloan turned 6 months old this month. She is so much fun.
Here's what she's doing:
She sticks her tongue out and blows.
She lays on her tummy and rolls around.
She LOVES for someone to talk to her, especially her sister.
She is sitting up with support.
She eats and sleeps really well.
Her well visit stats...16.2 lbs and 28 1/2 inches long.
She has the sweetest smile and melts our hearts everytime we look at her. What a blessing our girls are!!!
Keatyn and Addilyn in there October attire!
A very large praise...Stephen was healthy and was able to do a wedding this past weekend. He's back to his normal self...whatever normal is these days!!
And sweet colorful Keatyn...our friends, the Cofield's are in the process of adopting and have made these great shirts for support. We bought me and Keatyn one and Jana had asked that I send her some pictures of us wearing them. This was just one of the photos from the photo shoot...too funny that Keatyn!!!
Check out their blog and buy a shirt...link to it from mine...The Cofields.

Happy Fall Yall! LOVE THE SCARF WEATHER!!!!!!
Next blog will be pictures of our new house. We close this FRIDAY!!! YIPEE! (and some pictures from Halloween of course!)
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