Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I know, I know, it is WAY past Halloween, but our lives have been crazy with house renovations, illness and just being busy.
So, here they are...my sweet girls and some friends!

Keatyn and her friend Nixon visiting the Lindale Fire Station.
Keatyn, Addilyn, Steel and Case at the Methodist Church "Trunk or Treat"...Dryver was around there somewhere.

Sweet baby Addilyn...you can tell she just LOVED Halloween.

And our sweet little Ariel. She was so proud of this costume...or as she calls it her "costune".
Halloween was fun, busy, but fun. I felt like I dressed Keatyn and Addilyn in their costumes everyday that week. Needless to say, I was glad when it was over. I was beat!