Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Alive and Well

Christmas was fun and busy. Keatyn had a party at school. These are two of her very dear friends. I can only hope these three will be friends for a long time.
I took the girls to the library to hear a fancy Nancy book...then they decorated Fancy trees and had animal crackers and hot cocoa. It was so fun.
Here is Addilyn enjoying the Lindale Christmas Parade. It was VERY cold on this morning.
We also took Keatyn in for her very first dentist appointment...I wasn't sure how she would do, because she isn't always the calmest thing at the dr's office, but I am proud to say she was a champ! The dentist said her teeth looked great and she had NO cavities. I was relieved!

The next few pictures are a bit of catch up and some additions...
Keatyn has two very sweet and dear friends at preschool. I am looking forward to her school years because of these two little girls.
Keatyn and Addilyn had the cutest little turkey shirts with their initials on them. Our friend Courtney (from SFA) made them! We absolutely LOVED them!!!!
She danced in front of a crowd at the OctoberFest. She's a natural!
The girls loved the pumpkin patch...just a few more pictures from this event.
Trying to get both of them to look at the camera is quite the challenge. But they are sweet either way!

I have Christmas pictures coming...I really am going to work on managing my blog...our lives with these girls is to sweet not to share!