Thursday, September 20, 2007

8 weeks and counting...

Well, to those of you who are serious bloggers...I apologize for the delay in posts. My computer is highly tempermental and thus the lack of the blog!!!!

Monday was my first real doctors appointments. We had our first sonogram and the little "nugget" is just precious. (When I find a place to scan in pics, I'll post them.) The heart rate was an amazing 165. I asked the nurse if she thought it was a girl...she just laughed and said they are all usually high this early. Stephen is still convinced it is going to a boy.

Our official due date is April 26th. I am going to ask my doctor if she will be willing to schedule my C-section for April 16th. I'll elaborate on the significance of that date in a later entry.

As for me and the actual day to day pregnancy...well, I am still experiencing the nausea and the headaches. I can still go to bed at 6 or 7pm and sleep until 6 am with no problem and my eating is not getting better. However, I have figured out that I only really feel sick in the evenings, which is good for me since I am working, but bad for Stephen and Keatyn. Stephen has been absolutely amazing with me and with Keatyn. He was already doing most of the daily stuff before we got pregnant, but he's even stepped it up about 10 times. Bottom line...he is AMAZING!

And the most important thing about this pregnancy is that my doctor said that everything looked great and that things seem to be progressing beautifully...I'll take all the you know what for a healthy, beautiful baby!


Allison said...

Hi Beth!
So sorry that you aren't feeling better. You have a truly amazing husband! I am praying that things will get better soon!
Love you!