Tuesday, January 13, 2009

wow...2009 already!!!!

Well, I know those of you who read my blog are probably tired of looking at our wedding photo. I had a few minutes in the madness to update. Here are a few cute pictures from Christmas. I wanted to do a slide show, but my computer will not cooperate today. And let's face it...I don't have the patience today either.
First of all this will just make you smile...Keatyn in her new denim jacket!

A little family photo after the Christmas Eve service.

Our sweet girls and their dresses made by Gabby.

Jammies at Mimi and Poppy's!
I'm not sure why keatyn is making addilyn look like a reindeer!!!

Addilyn's first Christmas...you know her daddy posed her for this one.

And finally our Christmas card...I want to apologoize to those of you who didn't receive one...please forgive me this year. We still haven't moved and my address book is packed. I would have emailed you to get your address, but let's be real and realize that if I wasn't blogging, I wasn't emailing either!!

Happy 2009 everyone!


The Bobo Buzz said...

Welcome back to the blogging world! cute cute pics! LOVE the wrapping paper..so chic! LOVE the Christmas card!! :)

heartlandfamily said...

Your girls are so cute and BTW I was a little tired of looking at the wedding photo... just kidding. I just got back from Orlando for an SU training. I thought of you. It was in the same convention center we were in 5 years ago. You know the one where you were pregnant but did not know for sure :)