Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Oh for the LOVE.....

Seriously, why can't I keep up with this thing....well, my computer really it did. I had to take it to the doctor and that took a good week and then I had to find my USB cord (AGAIN!) and download pictures and well....well...the rest are just excuses...
But wait no are a few pictures from the beginning of the summer.

Keatyn, sweet Keatyn took dance for the first time this last year and at the very end of May she had her first recital. Ok, so I wasn't prepared for it's length, but we pushed through every last song until the finale. It was worth it. She did great and was very entertaining. We can hardly wait to start back in the fall!
She was so excited when she came back into the audience and received flowers. She absolutely loved that part!
In June, we dedicated both of our girls. What a neat experience! Dryver was also dedicated that Sunday so it made it extra special!
And what would summer be without a trip to the local waterpark? This was a fun time for all! Both of the girls enjoyed themselves and we had a fun time with friends.
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