Monday, November 5, 2007

Halloween 2007

Well, we took our little fairy to Lindale so that the fam could see her. She's not really into the whole trick or treating thing and the less candy the better at our house. We went to visit my grandparents and then headed to the churches in town where Keatyn could play some fun little games and get some candy. She wasn't completely convinced that the costume was necessary, until we told her that people wouldn't give her candy with out her wings. Hey, it worked. She wore them the remainder of the evening. At this phase of life, Halloween is more of a hassle than fun, because we have to load up in the car seat and unload. Aside from that, we enjoyed looking at our cute little fairy and adoring the little pot belly that she insisted stick out over her skirt. Oh so cute.


Corrie said...

What an ADORABLE fairy! The pink Chuck Taylor's add the perfect touch!