Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Fun!!!!

Stephen worked really hard and diligently to get "the KITCHEN" ready for Christmas morning!

I couldn't resist...she's just too cute!

Same as above....she's just so darn cute!!!!

Daddy's make such great horseys!!! She was actually choking him in this picture. What a great sport!

Ok, this is one of the first pictures that I have posted where you can see my I am not about to deliver, yes, I know that you think I won't make it to full term and yes, I know how big I am!!!!!! I am blown away with how fast I've grown! 2nd baby I guess!

Did I mention in a previous blog how much I LOVE THE HOILDAYS! There is truly something about it. I just love the music, the sounds, the smells, the hustle and bustle, the excitement. I loved it before Keatyn, but no one ever told me that it could be this fun. I love buying gifts for her, I love the songs she sings, the movies she watches and the innocents of the moment. We are having so much fun as parents and we are looking forward to baby number 2!

Keatyn was just recently in her school Christmas program. She did great and sat in her spot the whole time. We were shocked! She doesn't always know the words to the songs, but we laugh out loud at her mouth...she just opens it and moves her tongue back and forth. I will try to figure out how to post the video. You too will find great humor in her singing abilities!
We are also enjoying Daddy being around the whole break. This is the first time that we will all have the same Christmas break. Stephen had enough vacation days to use before the end of the year to be at home the whole time that I am off of work. I love it that we can wake up together and play together. It is such a fulfilling thing to be home as a family.
I hope that you all have a very merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year! Enjoy your families...laugh together!

Grace and Peace!


Corrie said...

You look LOVELY! Thanks for sharing the pics of your precious family! I'm so glad to even see Sadie on the blog! (That is Sadie, right?) I showed Ryan the picture of Keatyn riding Stephen and told him that he'd get to be the "horsey" in a couple of short years! And be sure and take some pics of Keatyn when she sees her kitchen! She's going to be FIRED UP!
P.S. Thanks for having my back with the crazy blog-commenter! What the heck? The Lord has given me tremendous peace about the whole thing. Thanks for ALL of your prayers and your love!

The Sharpe's said...

Beth-you are so cute as a pregnant momma ;0)!! Who would of guessed ten years ago when we were freshmen at SFA that we would be where we are now as wives and mommas!! I love Christmas too! It's the best time of year, and through a child's eyes, it makes it so much better! Love ya girl!

Jarvis Noelle said...

Hey Beth---look at how cute you are! Merry Christmas! I am in Korea visiting my mom. I will post pictures soon on my blog! Are you still teaching, or are you staying with Keatyn? She is such a cutie Beth! I LOVE her hair! I've always wanted a read head...God is the God of! Have a grea time, and please post Keatyn's reaction!

The Three of Us said...

Hi Beth. It is Lisa Tickner (Miller) from SFA. I found the link to your blog off of your MySpace page. It was so fun to catch up with you and Stephen. Your little girl is precious and Congrats on the the new little one on the way. I also have a little guy the same age as your little girl with a second one on the way, due in late May. I too have a blog and would love to add you as a reader. Send me your e-mail address so I can add you on. My address is Look forward to hearing from you.