Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Finding Nemo and other Thanksgiving Fun!

Thanksgiving was a fabulous time for us. We spent time with family and enjoyed relaxing, shopping and eating of course! We took Keatyn to see Finding Nemo on Ice and she loved it. I have to say that I loved it too. They do such a great job and it is very captivating, which is great for a 2 year old. She enjoyed a snow cone, a nemo toy and almost being lost in Downtown Dallas. You must be thinking...what in the world...well, we were eating at Spaghetti Warehouse in Dallas after the show and we all thought someone else was watching Keatyn. Little did we know, she was making her way into the parking lot to see her daddy who was waiting in the car. He was in shock when he saw her round the corner by herself. This is one of those mistakes that you can't think about what might have been, but to put in your catalog of learned behaviors to watch for. Did we learn our lesson...yes we did!
But on a lighter note...we enjoyed time with my in-laws in Clarkville. Keatyn loves the slide and the trampoline. The food was amazing and of course I ate way to much. Thanks for your hospitality Cheryl!

We headed to my parents for the Hayride Tradition and needless to say, it was cold and rainy, but we pressed on. Keatyn ended up in the cab of the truck with her daddy...why you might be asking were the pregnant women left to ride in the rain...well, we refused to ride in the car during a hayride.

Shopping was fabulous and we only had to lose our cool with one man that should have stayed at home and saved his grocery shopping until the Saturday after Thanksgiving...that situation was his own fault!!!!
Happy Holidays Yall!


Katherine said...

Disclaimer: KK and Ju-Ju were not in Dallas at the time of the missing 2 year old:)

Barbara said...

Neither were MiMi, Aunt Barbara or Shelton! You really have to watch the little ones,they move so much faster than we do! I really enjoyed getting to visit with y'all over Thanksgiving. Have a Happy Birthday, Stephen.