Thursday, December 6, 2007

What an Experience!!!!

For Stephen's birthday we decided to go to a Robert Earl Keen concert. He was at a very small venue which was perfect for us. I can't handle the smoke and don't need to be around it being pregnant, so this was PERFECT. There is a small theater in Linden, TX where he performed. There were less than 400 people and the music was fabulous. Stephen was sooooo excited. Multiple times he said, "This is the best birthday ever!" Some of Stephen's friends from work and one of his best friends from childhood came with us. We ate dinner at 5D in Avinger and then off to the concert. It really was a great time! The boys stayed the night at Stephen's lease. All I can say about that whole experience is that boys will be boys. I am so grateful that we had this experience and if you ever get the chance to Robert Earl Keen in it!!!!

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Corrie said...

We saw Robert Earl a couple of years ago! He is a hoot and puts on a great show!
Happy Birthday, Stephen!!