Sunday, January 27, 2008

I'm An Aunt, He's an Uncle and she's a cousin!!!!!

First of all, I must preface these pictures sister is AMAZING!!! I didn't go through anything like she did. She labored for what seemed like FOREVER and then pushed like a champ for what seemed like FOREVER!!! She was definitely exhausted, but I know today, she feels like every pain and every hour was well worth it. I also must say that Justin was incredible too. He was a great coach and it has been so fun to watch him with his son. We are blessed as a family and we are so excited to welcome Dryver Jordan Cowart into our family...finally! A proud Gabby!!! Keatyn will have to learn to share!
A proud first time tired, feet swollen and running on adrenaline alone!

A proud first time Uncle...if you know Stephen at all, by 11pm, he was sawing logs in the lobby...but that worked to my advantage, because I was able to catch some Zzzz's this morning from 5am until about 8:30am.


The Sharpe's said...

What a beautiful boy!! Congratulations to all of you for the new addition to the family :0)!!!