Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Gymnastics Fun!!!

Keatyn...the bossy little diva that she is, insists that she gives stamps at the end of each class.
Just her dismount into the pit...

Could there be a larger, nastier piece of foam in all the world and she LOVES it!!!!

Hugging the foam pit...the yucky foam pit!

Keatyn has been in gymnastics since last May. We were in a Mommy and me class and I think we both really enjoy that time together. I did notice that as she got older, she would mind less and wanted to do her own thing, but I have also seen her learn a lot about sharing and taking turns. I love the fact that she is moving and not just idle and I also enjoyed the challenge that it provided for both of us. No, I didn't do the activities with her, but walked along side her and encouraged her. Well, in recent months my belly has gotten increasingly bigger and my energy level has gotten increasingly less. I reached a place of delimma with our class. Keatyn will turn 3 in March, so I asked her teacher if we could move her up. This week was our first week to try out the Preschool Class and with a knot in my throat, I sent her off into the brutal world of gymnastics all alone....

She did GREAT! I watched her go from the biggest kid in her class to, what made her look like a baby. I watched her thrive and follow directions. I was a proud parent sitting on the sidelines holding my breath and hoping that the report at the end of the class would be good. Like I said, it was great and her teacher said she only had to threaten "time out" once. This seemed to be a low number of warnings for a first timer! I am pleased and yet again, we have reached another milestone of independence!


Corrie said...

Keatyn FOR SURE has the coolest leotard in the class! How much fun! Glad it went well!