Sunday, April 19, 2009


I think this is so cute...I'm not sure who they were looking at, but Addilyn was obviously happy to see them.

Addilyn's first Easter basket was a hit. She loved all of the fun goodies! And that sweet dress made the day! Thanks Gabby!
We had a fun time eating breakfast and dying eggs on Saturday morning before Easter Sunday. All the kiddos helped! Keatyn left with marbled hands. She got tired of using the spoons to put the eggs in so she just started dipping them with her hands! Funny!

Another sweet picture of Addilyn. She is really starting to climb a little more and loves to sit in this chair that was my moms when she was a little girl. All three of the grandkids love this chair!

We had a birthday party on Saturday in Longview for some of our sweet friends. Keatyn loves Pump it Up and I think Addilyn has found her new favorite toy...good thing we already had one of these at home. We just had to remind her how fun it was when we got home.

Keatyn's Easter morning looked a little more wild. She woke up after Addilyn ( I had already gone to the church for work, so I actually had to miss all of this...). Keatyn loved everything the "easter bunny" left her. I think her favorite thing was the path of chocolate eggs that led them to their baskets. She keep recreating it with blocks, plastic eggs, whatever she can find!
Please stay tuned...Addilyn's birthday was VERY INTERESTING!!!!!

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Jarvis Noelle said...

How precious are your girls! Beautiful family!

Amanda said...

Great pictures! Your girls are so cute!