Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday, Addibelle!

So you see how our adventure to "1" started! She was not having the hat! But you know what they say..."It's my party...I'll cry if I want to!" Well, unfortunately she cried a lot during the festivities and slept for that matter!
A birthday plate, with a birthday pancake and a birthday candle...and more tears...
Keatyn finally decided maybe she just needed a little lovin'! So sweet!
We went to the zoo for a little birthday treat...she was very happy all day!

All in all the birthday was special, but very memorable for reasons not so fun! Addilyn ran a fever on Wednesday and I held her for most of the day. I was certain that she must have another ear infection. I thought surely after running a fever of 103 that she must have a double ear infection. However, on Thursday morning she was fever free...or so we thought. We carried on and went to the zoo as planned. When we returned home, she had fallen asleep in the car, so I moved her into her bed (4:00) and began to prepare for my family to come over for her birthday dinner. Stephen was bringing home Pizza King (Longview) as a treat. I was pumped! And Addilyn likes it too, so that made it even better. 6:00pm rolled around and Addilyn was still asleep, I wasn't so family arrived and we decided at 6:30 that we would go ahead and eat and maybe she would get up soon. We finished dinner and still no Addilyn...7pm rolled around and yes, still no Addilyn ( and for those of you who are thinking it...yes I did check on her). Katherine, Justin and Dryver ate a piece of cookie cake and left. STILL NO ADDILYN...finally at around 7:45 she woke up and was very warm. We took her temperature again and she was running 102.5! At this point I started to get a little more worried. I called the nurse and she said to watch her and give her Motrin. I did all the things they told us to do and on Friday morning I decided to take her in. diagnosis. The doctor said it was probably viral which meant there was absolutely nothing that could be done. So Friday night was just about holding her and comforting her. Saturday we didn't do much and then the girls went to my parents. She seemed fine. Still a little warm, but the medicine was keeping the fever down. On Sunday we were supposed to have her party except that she woke up with a rash on her torso and diaper area. What in the world! I had to get to church so I left Stephen to get to the bottom of the whole thing...he called the nurse and before he could get all the syptoms out of his mouth she said that Addilyn had Roseolla. Still don't really know what it is, but we had to semi-cancel her birthday party. It ended up just being grandparents and Katherine, Justin and Dryver. It was still really a lot of fun. So, Addilyn turned one and here are the milestones: finally crawling, cruising furntiure, walking holding our hands, personality plus, loves her sister and is a very happy baby...

Addilyn Sloan,
You have brightened each of our days and we are so blessed to have you in our lives. We look forward to the next year and all its many adventures. Thank you for your sweet spirit!
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Russ and Kristin said...

Poor's no fun to be sick on your birthday!
Beth, she is such a doll! Can you believe our girls are already turning one?

stitches&threads said...

Well of course that made me cry! Sweet Addibelle!!! I love that girl:) Cute could have only come from her most favorite aunt;)