Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Fun!!!!

Stephen worked really hard and diligently to get "the KITCHEN" ready for Christmas morning!

I couldn't resist...she's just too cute!

Same as above....she's just so darn cute!!!!

Daddy's make such great horseys!!! She was actually choking him in this picture. What a great sport!

Ok, this is one of the first pictures that I have posted where you can see my I am not about to deliver, yes, I know that you think I won't make it to full term and yes, I know how big I am!!!!!! I am blown away with how fast I've grown! 2nd baby I guess!

Did I mention in a previous blog how much I LOVE THE HOILDAYS! There is truly something about it. I just love the music, the sounds, the smells, the hustle and bustle, the excitement. I loved it before Keatyn, but no one ever told me that it could be this fun. I love buying gifts for her, I love the songs she sings, the movies she watches and the innocents of the moment. We are having so much fun as parents and we are looking forward to baby number 2!

Keatyn was just recently in her school Christmas program. She did great and sat in her spot the whole time. We were shocked! She doesn't always know the words to the songs, but we laugh out loud at her mouth...she just opens it and moves her tongue back and forth. I will try to figure out how to post the video. You too will find great humor in her singing abilities!
We are also enjoying Daddy being around the whole break. This is the first time that we will all have the same Christmas break. Stephen had enough vacation days to use before the end of the year to be at home the whole time that I am off of work. I love it that we can wake up together and play together. It is such a fulfilling thing to be home as a family.
I hope that you all have a very merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year! Enjoy your families...laugh together!

Grace and Peace!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

IT"S A ....

GIRL!!!! We are so very excited to announce that we are having a girl! Yesterday was the big day and she seems so sweet. She was very cooperative and sucked her thumb the majority of the time. Not a big mover at this point, which for us is good...have you seen our toddler lately!

Keatyn was very excited and loved the pictures. We now have to convince her that we don't need to name her Dryver. This whole concept for a two year old is tough. I think she thinks I'm just getting fat!

Stephen and I both are so excited about the joy that will come with having a set of sisters living under our roof! I think about my time with my sister and how special those moments were and still are. She is my best friend and I pray that for our two girls.

Names...oh what's in a name...there is quite a story behind our girl name.
I had a Mama Nita (great grandmother) who meant the world to both me and Stephen. She was one of the most amazing women that I had ever met. She helped raise my mom and aunt and they are both amazing women, so if you knowthem, you know how great Mama Nita was. Her birthday was on baby girl Bills' C-section date...April 16th. I don't have a big sentimental bone in my body, but this opportunity could not be passed up. We decided that we would (if it was a girl) name her Addilyn (no middle name yet). We are almost 100% sure that this is what her name will be. My grandmother's name was Addie and I didn't feel like I could pass up the opportunity to use this name. If our daughter can be half of the woman that Mama Nita was, then we and many others will be blessed beyond belief by her.
My great grandmother passed away and I hope that Addilyn Bills can be the legacy that she left behind. I truly feel that this whole situation is purpose filled and that Mama Nita is very proud!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

What an Experience!!!!

For Stephen's birthday we decided to go to a Robert Earl Keen concert. He was at a very small venue which was perfect for us. I can't handle the smoke and don't need to be around it being pregnant, so this was PERFECT. There is a small theater in Linden, TX where he performed. There were less than 400 people and the music was fabulous. Stephen was sooooo excited. Multiple times he said, "This is the best birthday ever!" Some of Stephen's friends from work and one of his best friends from childhood came with us. We ate dinner at 5D in Avinger and then off to the concert. It really was a great time! The boys stayed the night at Stephen's lease. All I can say about that whole experience is that boys will be boys. I am so grateful that we had this experience and if you ever get the chance to Robert Earl Keen in it!!!!

Oh and


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Finding Nemo and other Thanksgiving Fun!

Thanksgiving was a fabulous time for us. We spent time with family and enjoyed relaxing, shopping and eating of course! We took Keatyn to see Finding Nemo on Ice and she loved it. I have to say that I loved it too. They do such a great job and it is very captivating, which is great for a 2 year old. She enjoyed a snow cone, a nemo toy and almost being lost in Downtown Dallas. You must be thinking...what in the world...well, we were eating at Spaghetti Warehouse in Dallas after the show and we all thought someone else was watching Keatyn. Little did we know, she was making her way into the parking lot to see her daddy who was waiting in the car. He was in shock when he saw her round the corner by herself. This is one of those mistakes that you can't think about what might have been, but to put in your catalog of learned behaviors to watch for. Did we learn our lesson...yes we did!
But on a lighter note...we enjoyed time with my in-laws in Clarkville. Keatyn loves the slide and the trampoline. The food was amazing and of course I ate way to much. Thanks for your hospitality Cheryl!

We headed to my parents for the Hayride Tradition and needless to say, it was cold and rainy, but we pressed on. Keatyn ended up in the cab of the truck with her daddy...why you might be asking were the pregnant women left to ride in the rain...well, we refused to ride in the car during a hayride.

Shopping was fabulous and we only had to lose our cool with one man that should have stayed at home and saved his grocery shopping until the Saturday after Thanksgiving...that situation was his own fault!!!!
Happy Holidays Yall!