Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Crafty little Playhouse

I found a cute pattern for a playhouse made from scraps of material.  Every once in a while I get a wild hair and want to use my sewing machine.  My mom always has tons of fabric, so I raided the fabric bins and found some cute fabric to use for this crafty little idea!
I had some major assistance from my mom and she finished out the windows and trim for me.  The girls love it!  I made it to fit over my dining room table.  Partly because this is the only table in my house, but also because this was a great size for the girls.  

This is a picture of one end of the house.  Notice the cute little scrap curtains that my mom added.

This is a better picture of the window.  This is on the front side.

It has a little door that the girls can go in and out of and also has some grosgrain ribbon so it can be tied back.

As you can see, they crammed as much as they could into their little house.  I was frequently reminding them that EVERYTHING they got out, they would have to put away.  That didn't go so well;)!


heartlandfamily said...

That is adorable! Makes me want to make one!