Thursday, September 18, 2008

A few new pictures...ok a lot of new pictures!

We went for a little drive to "check out" the land.
Our flower princess
Her Daddy...still.
An attempt to take a picture with Keatyn...
Dinner with daddy!!!!
The sweetest of times...I love these girls.
Ok, so you know you live in the sticks when you load up your kids, no car seats, only a diaper in your beat up Chevy truck that you had to air up the tire before you could go. And if you'll notice, Keatyn has a Koolaid stain on her mouth. Fun Times!!! Boarder line...WT!
Have a Terrific Thursday!!!


Corrie said...

I can totally see you in Keatyn! FOR SURE! But, you are right. Addilyn is 100% Stephen Bills Junior! :) These are such fun pictures!

The Krazy Kraus' said...

Love the picture update... I can not believe how big your girls are getting! Looks like it didn't take you all long to get back to the "country" life and ways. Is there really another way to ride in the pasture than in a old beat up truck? I don't think so! I have been thinking about you guys so much lately. We have got to all get together some weekend. Hey I need your email... Send it my way if you get a chance.

Love ya'll!